Jaishri Abichandani
A combined approach to Studio and Social Practice leads me to create ephemeral and material works. These include objects, actions, writing, curating exhibitions, and collective production, including founding and directing the South Asian Women's Creative Collective (www.sawcc.org) in New York City (and London) for over sixteen years until my recent departure in July 2013.

My art is rooted in a process of constant discovery. Employing materials such as leather whips, clay, nails, paint, utensils and jewels, I make works across scale and mediums. Returning to the female body as the site of conflict and power, I am informed by feminist art history. Positions of power and themes of nationhood are explored and critiqued using painting, sculpture and drawings. Complexities and ambiguities are left unresolved, while the formal approach prioritizes crafty and conceptual feminist treatments, often referencing aesthetic theory and tropes from South Asia. Centralizing female desire and agency within my work. I use humor and seduction as tools to subvert preconceptions.