Jaishri Abichandani
We Were Making History 3We Were Making History 3We were Making HistoryNo Way Home (gupta/o'keefe)install of dirty jewels at rossi and rossi
Lingams in foreground and No Way Home in background.P.O.W: Prisoner of My Wombprisoner of my womb (P.O.W) 2heartland edition 2Installation view of P.O.W 2 and Heartland at Art Hong Kong. 
Presented by Rossi and Rossi.Heartland
Art Hong Kong 2010 presented by Rossi and Rossi

Burger CollectionWhip Drawing for Palestinewhip drawing for palestine II
installation view at Rossi and Rossi, London

Asia Art Archive CollectionRise and FallRise and FallRise and Fall detailInstallation at Gallery Espace New DelhiAllah hu AkhbarAllah hu Akhbar

installation at the Saatchi Gallery London for the exhibition "The Empire Strikes Back."
Whip Drawings
Occasionally referring to ancient Indian aesthetic principles, I use traditional sculptural materials such wire or fibreglass; as well as found objects including dildos, plastic breasts and leather whips to fabricate my work. These objects are inherently laden with symbolism, as are the signs, images and phrases plucked from everyday life that occupy my work. The whips are fabricated in India and carry associations of self- flagellation leading to spiritual ecstasy that is common to Hinduism, Islam and Christianity. They have additional associations with the American history of slavery; as well as sexual fetish – crucial as my work critiques and examines individual and social power. I use whips as sculptural material as well as large line drawings on walls, encrusting them with nails or Swarovski crystals. This extreme embellishment and decoration references craft and feminist art practices, whilst hinting at the seduction, opulence and power inherent in organized religions, exemplified by the Vatican, the Taliban and Right Wing Hindu Fundamentalists.