Jaishri Abichandani
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Before Kali Number 11before kali number 9Before Kali Number 8Before Kali number 7Before Kali Number 6Before Kali Number 5Before Kali. Number 4Before Kali. Number 3Before Kali. Number 2Before Kali. Number 1Before Kali. seated figurines
numbers  23,12 , 13, 16Before Kali
Before Kali (B.K)
Before Kali consists of 108 small- scale clay figurines informed by research into terra cotta artifacts from 3500 B.C until the advent of stylization of the female figure (predating the emergence of Goddess Kali in the Hindu pantheon) in India.
Through the trace of my hand, I am embedding female subjectivity onto forms traditionally made by men. I excavate the diversity of female bodies created prior to currently normative renditions – heavyset, one- breasted, full figured, boyish women, adorned in classical tradition, to generate tension between corpulence and sublime patterning of ornaments. Within each work are references to mythological stories and incarnations of the Goddess that emerge as hybrids; absorbing materials like washers, pins and coral. They are rendered in three postures - the legs of those standing or sitting disappear into an enlarged yoni from the Indus Valley tradition. The sculptures in birthing position refer to the fertility goddess Lajja Gauri. The series is divided into 36 standing, sitting and squatting sculptures exhibited together.