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(Sampat Pal and Mayawati)gulabi gang-star detail..Mother of All Believers: Samira Jassim

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Afghan girl boxers from KabulDuo / Duel (for Sunita Viswanath and Women for Afghan Women)Ode to Manoj and BabliParadise was a Black Widow
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“Signs of the Times” focuses on the current conditions of violence in society from my particular gendered and racial perspective. This work resists the male- dominated rhetoric of war through the inclusion and examination of the various roles women are playing, weather as passive spectators,politicians, avid protestors or perpetrators of violence themselves. The real and imagined bodies of women in this series moves from soldiers to bombers, veterans to victims using a variety of mediums. Approached playfully and sculpturally, the paintings combine art historical references and popular imagery from the West as well as the South Asian subcontinent.