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Kamala's Inheritance
Kamala's Inheritance
wire, foil, epoxy, paint, fabric, polymer clay

Kamala’s Inheritance consists of two blue female figures, one with an amputated right wing and the head of an eagle (symbolizing the US) and the other a pink lotus hanging her head in shame. (The fascist Hindu ruling party of India utilize a Pink lotus as their logo.) The blue color of the body and necklace of skulls which are essential signifiers of Kali in the first figure are transformed into the star studded blue of the American flag in the sculpture with a wing entrusted in pearls and gold. The relationship between the two bodies refer to that of the imperiled democracies of
India and the USA, both battling self immolation by fascist internal forces of race and religion. Collectively they reflect the heritage of VP Kamala Harris as a centrist politician of high caste Hindu and Black ancestry, a quintessential American in her complicity in maintaining unjust systems.