Jaishri Abichandani

My work embodies radical, intersectional feminism that opposes both Right -Wing Hindu Fundamentalist and White Supremacist Nationalist Patriarchies. I create ephemeral and material works including activating collective communities, making objects, orchestrating actions or curating exhibitions, dividing my time between producing in the studio and cultural production. Keeping the two practices separate from each other allows me to stay laser focused on the demands of what I am trying to communicate with each work, whether it is a painting, sculpture or an exhibition.

Like many other immigrant artists, my work is not just informed by Western contemporary art, but the historic aesthetic traditions of my culture. South Asian aesthetics inform my work, not just in appearance, but in its grounding in Rasa theory - which posits that all art, including visual is an act of psychic and emotional transference between the maker and the audience. In the last few years, I taught myself sculpture to give physical form this idea from a feminist perspective, paying particular attention to our emotional landscapes - to gestures, people and feelings left unrendered at the hands of male sculptors such as women bleeding, birthing or loving one another.

I constantly explore new materials and techniques in a quest to give form to a feminism that is at once sacred and deeply radical. Queering and subverting traditional imagery with political and feminist concerns allows me to critique expectations of a performed (South Asian) identity while responding to the rise of Hindu fundamentalism. By creating paintings and sculptures that elevate and bring visibility to communities of activists, I am interjecting their politicized bodies into spaces where their existence has been long denied; be it the canon of contemporary art or society at large.

Deeply inspired by queer, feminist and international craft art forms, I make my work from the understanding that the personal is political. Every object that I make, every endeavor that I undertake has within its heart a quest for equality and social justice. Regardless of the shape of my efforts, my vision remains centered in Love