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This large installation was created to be permanently housed in Berlin, Germany and combines references from my Hindu background w/ German history and current events. The elongated Swastika contains a Cross and the lettering reads "Allah hu Akhbar" or God is Great from the Iraqi flag of 2008. The color palatte is gleaned from the Israeli and Iraqi flags. The distortion of the swastika (creating the Cross) as well of the continents symbolizes the impact of religious and national fundamentalisms on the planet, the subtle differences between the 2 shades of red and green jewels are metaphors for the differences between Catholic and Protestant, Shia and Sunni etc... Rise and Fall alludes the current violence in the Middle East as on going result of the partitions of India and Pakistan, Israel and Palestine, both of which happened in 1947.

Rise and Fall
Rise and Fall
leather whips, wire, nails, paint, sworovski crystals
15 feet by 20 feet